Payment Options

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Dental Payment Options in Olympia, WA - Insurance, Cash, CC & Checks

The doctor – patient relationship is built of trust.  The patient trusts that the treatment provided will be skillful, thorough, gentle and necessary.  The doctor trusts that the services provided will be compensated.  Cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are welcome forms of payment.  We hope you will plan to clear your balance due on the day service is provided.  Insurance co-payments are usually accurate in our office, so patient portions can be met with assurance.  Our short term goal is to also provide our patients the option of secure on-line payments by credit card following insurance processing.  We use cloud-based technology and dental software.

John S. Weaver Dental Payments - MasterCard John S. Weaver Dental Payments - Visa John S. Weaver Dental Payments - Discover 

Dental Insurance

Dr. Weaver is a premier provider of Delta Dental of Washington.  Most insurance plans are accepted.  The office will provide pre-treatment estimates and verification of benefit coverage prior to treatment upon request. 

Healthy Smiles

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